Rules For Examination

  • Children should come to School well-equipped and in time for the Exam/Unit Test/Weekly Test .Incase of any doubt in the Question Paper, all queries should be addressed to the Invigilator on duty.
  • No student should indulge in any un-fair means during a Test or an Exam. If a child is caught in any such act, the Principal’s discretion is final.
  • In case a child has less than 75% attendance he/she will not be permitted to appear for the Annual Exams.
  • Students who are absent in any of the Examinations or Summative Assessments on account of being medically unfit should submit a medical certificate at the earliest.
  • No Test or Exam will be held before or after the scheduled time for any reason whatsoever.
  • In case the child is absent in a Weekly test, he will be marked zero.
  • In case of Late Admissions, L.A. will be marked.
  • For promotion to a subsequent class, it is essential for the child to get a C Grade in all subjects.
  • The Committee’s decision will be final in all cases.
Admission Enquiry
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Admission Enquiry