In the last fifty-two years DPS has produced a galaxy of eminent men and women who have brought glory to it not only in India but also abroad.

The Delhi Public School Society came into being as a non-profit making body. It established its first school in 1949 at Mathura Road, New Delhi. In pursuance of its motto ‘Service Before Self’, and its commitment to an integrated educational system, the mission of the society was to enhance learning among the Indian youth.

School followed school in rapid succession, and today the Society has grown into a family of 124 schools: 7 of them in New Delhi, 96 in other parts of the country and 21 abroad. Each school has developed into a pace-setting autonomous institution, with a well-designed programme of instruction based on the pursuit and promotion of excellence. While the former, known as the Core schools, have been set up by the Society in New Delhi and its neighboring states, after having acquired the land and designing the construction, the Satellite or the associated schools are those which have been established across the country in collaboration with certain Public Sector undertakings. Based on the premise that good education is the high road to both individual and national progress, the Society has proved to be a significant trendsetter, both with and without the educational system.

In the light of these successes, the Society also received requests to set up similar schools abroad and make them part of the larger structure. This has led to the establishment of 21 schools in foreign lands like – Kuwait, Sharjah, USA, Nepal and many others.

Many factors have played a vital role in the creation of this ‘epitome of quality education.’ The vision and foresight of the pioneers, the total involvement and professional interest in the cause of education of the serving Board of Governors; the appointment of outstanding Principals to steer each school in the right direction, an unmatched faculty, and, finally, the selection of meritorious and bright students these characteristics have placed the DPS Society on the forefront of the educational map of India and the world.

As it has been said, “It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” The involvement of the Society in universal educational enhancement and its endeavour to build a democratic, pluralistic and secular nation has made all the difference. It is no more a question of lighting a candle here or there; it is an attempt at total electrification. The whole world has begun to glow with the light of literacy radiated by the Delhi Public School Society.

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